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US Branch or Subsidiary Incorporation by Foreign Parent
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US Subsidiary or Branch Incorporation by Foreign Parent
Successful foreign businesses are always interested in expanding operations into the United States. Dynamic economy, ease of doing business, huge market potential and possibility of being able to work in the United States makes US a preferred country where foreign companies likes to extend their business. We have helped numerous foreign businesses to incorporate branch or subsidiary company in US.
Our Services
  • ​​Preparing documents to be submitted to the Secretary of State in the US in connection with the incorporation.

  • Co-ordinating with the  Secretary of State for any questions and obtaining Certificate of Incorporation.

  • Obtaining Federal Tax ID number for the US corporation.

  • Advising on requirements to open US business bank account. Note that we do not assist in opening US bank account nor do we guarantee the same but can only give advise as to the general requirements on this.

Cost Involved
  1. Our professional fee - Payable one time - Schedule a free consultation today and we will be happy to share our fee quotation.

  2. State filing fee - Payable one time - This fee differs from state to state. Usually it ranges from $100-$350.

  3. Registered Agent (RA) - Payable on annual basis - This fee ranges $100-$150 per year. You have to have a resident of the state (where you incorporate business) to act as RA for the company who can receive any official communication on behalf of your company and forward the same to you. If you have someone to help you with this, this fee will not be applicable.

  4. Annual Report or Annual Franchise Tax - Payable on annual basis - This fee ranges $50-$800 depending upon state.

Preferred State of Incorporation
If you are unsure as to in which state you wish to incorporate your US company, below is order of preference in which you should decide a state.

Preference 1 - The state where your immediate majority customers will be located in.

Preference 2 - The state where you have identified any local partner/associate willing to associate with you on long term basis.

Preference 3 - Any tax free/low tax rates state like WA, NV, WY, SD, TX, OH or DE. I personally like TX, WA, OH and SD for their low annual report filing cost.

Post Incorporation Services

Fee for managing below post incorporation assignments will be separate and the same is not included in our fee for incorporation.

  1. Bookkeeping and Accounting.

  2. Compilation of Financial Statements of US entity for the purpose of preparing consolidated FS by India parent entity.

  3. Federal and State Corporate Income Tax Returns preparation and filing.

  4. Yearly Annual/Franchise Tax Report Filing with the Secretary of State.

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