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Pricing Policy
      Cheap Service May Not Be Good
      Good Service May Not Be Cheap
We believe in providing quality service at reasonable price..!
  • We provide year-round service
While with other tax preparers, most of the time you wont hear back timely when you need any help after your taxes are filed, we proudly serve our customers year round.
We get many customers during the year who filed their returns with other firms (due to cheap pricing) and came to us only because their original tax preparer/firm did not respond during the stressful time when an IRS notice was to be addressed.
  • Your Tax Returns are Checked Three Times
All tax returns are prepared, reviewed by our senior staff and finally reviewed before they are efiled.
  • We proudly serve returning customers since 2012
Its possible only with our exceptional service that we have been proudly serving many loyal customers since 2012. Most of our business grows from referrals from our existing customers.
We strongly believe in building relationship based on exceptional quality of service, we are not a firm that one can bargain too much on pricing.
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