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US Tax & Accounting Services for Individuals and Businesses
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Personal Tax Preparation
  • US Federal Tax Returns
  • State Tax Returns
  • Multi State Tax Preparation including part year residence, full year residence and non resident returns.
  • City and Local Taxes
  • First Year Choice Test
  • Resident Election for Non Resident Spouse
  • Dual Status Return
  • Non Resident Return
  • Returns for temporary workers in US on non-immigrant visa (L1, H1-B, TN, E-1, E-2, E-2)
  • Returns for international students in US on F1 visa.
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US Citizens Abroad
  • Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
  • Foreign Tax Credits
  • FBAR Preparation
  • Form 8938 (Reporting Specified Foreign Assets)
  • Foreign Rental Income
  • International Tax Compliance for US Citizens Abroad
  • And more
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ITIN Preparation
  • Spouse of US Resident
  • Dependent of US Resident
  • Foreign Owner of a US Partnership
  • Foreign Shareholder of a US Corporation
  • Foreign Person Recipient of US Income
  • Foreign Person Required to file a US Tax Return
  • Returns for international students in US on F1 visa.
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Cross Border Taxes
  • US Citizens working in Canada
  • Canadians working in USA
  • US-Canada Tax Treaty Advisory
  • Canada - US Daily Commuters
  • Canadian with real estate investments in US
  • Preparation of Canadian Personal Returns
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Tax Problem Resolution
  • IRS and State Tax Audit Support
  • Tax Penalty Abatement and Waivers
  • Wage Garnishment Waiver
  • Offer-in-compromise
  • Hold collection proceedings
  • We can handle tax notices on your behalf
  • Resolution for Cross Border Tax Issues
  • Resolution for International Tax Issues
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Business Tax Prep
Small business owners start a small business to venture into an activity they love. Managing a small business can be very challenging sometimes. It is very important that proper planning is done for recordkeeping, bookkeeping, tax planning, money management and business tax deductions. This apart, you also need to seriously consider entity structure, risk mitigation, retirement planning and exit strategies.​
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US Business Setup Advisory
  • Incorporate your business in any of US State.
  • You can incorporate business in US even if you are a non-US citizen and live outside US.
  • US subsidiary incorporation of a foreign parent company.
  • US Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN) application support.
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Cloud Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Virtual bookkeeping support for small businesses across any state in US.
  • Total financial control – your financial statements / reports will be ready each month.
  • Never miss any deduction – when accounting is done on monthly basis, you can immediately recall any expense you incurred recently.
  • Plan your estimated tax payments – avoid penalties.
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