Frequently Asked Questions


What is the use of ITIN

ITIN is applied for an individual who is not eligible for SSN.

How do I apply for ITIN for my spouse?

1. Prepare your Federal Tax Return. 2. Prepare ITIN application. 3. Visit IRS office in person to submit ITIN application. Instead of visiting IRS office, you can also enclose certified copy of passport of ITIN applicant with the tax returns and mail the package to IRS.

How will I know if my ITIN application has been processed?

IRS takes 8-10 weeks to process ITIN application. Once processed, you will receive ITIN letter in mail.

Is ITIN application process online or manual?

ITIN applications cannot be processed online. They have to be filed in paper.

International Students

How is taxation of international students different?

International students are considered Non-Resident Aliens during first five calender years in US.

Should file as Resident Alien or Non-Resident Alien?

International students are considered Non-Resident Aliens during first five calender years in US and therefore exempt from paying FICA (social security and medicare taxes) on employment income in US. They have option of filng as resident aliens but under this option they may be required to pay FICA taxes on employment income as well as report their world wide income.

What is special rule for International Students from India?

Students from India are eligible to claim standard deduction in their tax return as per the US-India Tax Treaty. For the year 2019 this amount is $12,200. That means their income will be lower by this amount.

Can International Students claim Education Credits?

Since international students are considered as non-residents during first five years, they cannot claim education tax credits from Form 1098-T they receive from their educational institution.


Where should I check status of my federal refund?

Please visit

Refund status shows "Your Returns Are Being Processsed", what does it mean?

Sometimes IRS may need further information to process your returns. Please wait to receive letter from IRS and provide required information. Processing of returns could be take 8-10 weeks after the required information has been provided.

State Refund

Where should I check status of my state refund?

Please visit website of respective state tax department. It could take 3-4 weeks to get state refunds.